Tractor Tire Size Conversion Chart

Tractor Tire Sizes and their Metric Equivalent

Standard, Radial, and Metric Tractor Tire Sizes

Tractor tire sizes can be written in many different ways, and can become very confusing to consumers. Sometimes you will see a size written like 11.2×20 or you may see it like 11.2-20.

Use the table below to help you find radial tire size equivalents and metric conversions. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-877-862-1283, or email us.

Tractor Tire Size Conversions

Standard Size Radial Size Metric Size
11.2X20 11.2R20 280/85R20
12.4X20 12.4R20 320/85R20
9.5X24 9.5R24 250/85R24
11.2X24 11.2R24 280/85R24
12.4X24 12.4R24 320/85R24
13.6X24 13.6R24 340/85R24
14.9X24 14.9R24 380/85R24
16.9X24 16.9R24 420/85R24
18.4X26 18.4R26 420/85R26
11.2X28 11.2R28 280/85R28
12.4X28 12.4R28 320/85R28
13.6X28 13.6R28 340/85R28
14.9X28 14.9R28 380/85R28
16.9X28 16.9R28 420/85R28
14.9X30 14.9R30 380/85R30
16.9X30 16.9R30 420/85R30
18.4X30 18.4R30 460/85R30
12.4X32 12.4R32 320/85R32
12.4X34 12.4R34 320/85R34
14.9X34 14.9R34 380/85R34
16.9X34 16.9R34 420/85R34
18.4X34 18.4R34 460/85R34
20.8X34 20.8R34 520/85R34
12.4X36 12.4R36 320/85R36
13.6X36 13.6R36 340/85R36
13.6X38 13.6R38 340/85R38
14.9X38 14.9R38 380/85R38
16.9X38 16.9R38 420/85R38
18.4X38 18.4R38 460/85R38
20.8X38 20.8R38 520/85R38
18.4X42 18.4R42 460/85R42
20.8X42 20.8R42 520/85R42
20.8X46 20.8R46 520/85R46

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